Tuesday, January 5, 2016

How to Keep My Home in Good Condition

The house we live is now 21 years old. It’s a bit old but it remains standing sturdy. I remember back in 1993, the land in which it stands, used to be a rice field. Now it is a subdivision with lots of houses. My Mom built this house using her own resources, and she managed to construct it for all of us, despite living with no husband.

It’s actually a fully furnished, one-storey house with three bedrooms. And I should say it’s been years living in this happy home. With my Mom old and grey, the house remains intact, and we intend it to last a hundred more years. Houses are closely built and our neighbors have lots of growing trees. Of course, the leaves should fall to the gutters, which will need regular cleaning. On our backyard are few pots of plants. The rest of the outdoors is cemented with drainage to prevent floods.

Our village is known for flooding and the cemented area should be for protection. The garage is often empty unless my brother visits and parks his vehicle.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Modern Technology Has Today

Today’s technology has grown modern. Seldom do we see people without mobile devices. Even those who barely can afford now own smart phones, consoles, tablets, notebooks, or even desktops. When you have these gadgets, you consider yourself not just a techno buff, but trendy as well.

Some people choose to buy branded phones like Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone. Even if it is very expensive, they have one to boost their ego. For online gamers, they choose devices that allow them to get linked with gaming friends. Some use notebooks or computers for work. If family or friends want to reach you, you keep in touch with a phone even in a remote area.

These modern day gadgets may look sophisticated and complicated, but it actually simplifies your life. It makes boring hours fun exciting and interesting while you entertain yourself with apps. This helps you forget about boredom so there’s no more lonely hours.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Raising Your Sister’s Children

I’m happy for my sister’s children. Even if both parents are abroad for work, the couple still manages to buy their kids’ needs like beautiful clothes, diapers, food, baby accessories, and more. Plus the kids are so adorable you can’t help but buy them their needs as well. It makes my dear sister and her hubby happy as we are helping them raise healthy and happy kids.

Though we stay most of the week at home, we always find time to take the children out. Many times we are at the mall dining, shopping and recreating the kids. We spend time for them to play at Game Zone. This may take hours to gratify their desires. We even leave them at a play store, where they can mingle with other kids.

It happened for awhile, until my sister and her husband decided to migrate to New Zealand and take the children with them. Today … we miss them a lot.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Our Clan Being One and the Same Family

My siblings love to dine in restaurants. Sharing a simple dish that is not regularly prepared at home will make good bonding for everyone. Everyone is there to taste really good foods and drinks. Though it may entail a little expense on my brothers, but it is their job to keep close family ties among the family. This is why every twice a month, the whole clan gathers to remain closeness, mutual love and respect for each other.

My brothers took us to one of the local restaurants here in Cebu City, Philippines. It is popular for Filipino dishes such as grilled pork, fried stuffed shrimp, “sinigang” or sour soup, and some desserts. The foods we ordered were very tasty. Everyone would love to savor the served dishes. Even at extra cost, we enjoyed the food and the excess was even taken home. Thanks to everyone’s participation, the celebration went a success. Now we can say that even when one member is down, there will be relatives to support and help each other.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Celebrating Birthdays with the Whole Family

It was August 23 and everyone in my family was excited to dine in a local restaurant. To be exact, it was buffet style where customers can eat as much as they like but can’t take home the leftovers. This was my sister-in-law’s birthday and all concerned relatives were invited.

Thankfully, my brother just returned from his overseas work. To save expenses, my brother and his wife just invited family. There was my mother, my other brother and his girlfriend, my female cousin and his brother with his own wife. All the kids were there too, so it was fun time for the whole family.

We ate at Royal Concourse as it was famous for eat-all-you-can meals. Though we didn’t like some of the food cause it was fattening, but it made us really full to the max. I remember myself feeling sick after eating. I had to go to the restroom and vomit. After that I relaxed for a while. When I felt better, I ate another meal again. Everyone had such a bloating experience.

Monday, August 3, 2015

How my Home-based Writing Job Went Well

When I first had my homebase job, I didn’t earn much. I had to struggle with cheap rates for a 400 to 500-words article. Work didn’t came up to my expectation, so I decided to apply online for another client.

I met this British client who married a Filipina. As his wife and I came from the same hometown, they trusted me to work for them. It lasted five months until they finally decided to accept only spun articles. This task was unfamiliar to me so I decided to quit.

It’s when I turned to Odesk and met series of foreign clients who either accepted my work at first and in the next, they didn’t. Maybe it was about my grammar or perhaps the flaws of my articles. But all those times I’ve worked for the website, it made me save some amounts. These I used to buy furniture and appliances for my room, some food for my family, and even hang out with friends.

Home-based work has been with me for 4 years now. I should say freelance writing pays a reward especially if it is done with diligence and hard work. Consider it as a talent as well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Plan Detour

My friends and I planned to play badminton yesterday. And our plan was to have it at seven-thirty in the evening. Most of the time, I am the one who makes the reservation, that is why I kept calling the badminton court’s admin office for some reservation.

I wondered why nobody’s answering their landline, and so I asked my friend to call instead because it might be our office’s phone line which is defective. However, she had the same complain. Then I told her that I’ll be going ahead of them with the hope that I could still make a last-minute reservation. But then I got surprised when I arrived there because the court was already closed! We were so frustrated then that we ended up singing at one of the new KTV bars of the city.